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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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log on to our facebook page #keeptalking. we hope you have a great week. thanks for starting it off with us. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is monday, september 29. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a monster truck show takes a deadly turn. >> oh no! >> what caused the driver to plow into a crowd of people right this? >> he beheaded a woman in oklahoma and tried to convert his co-workers to islam. and this morning he will be charged with first-degree murder. but what about terrorism? we have a live report. >> the administration underestimated isis but it wasn't the president's fault the >> our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, has acknowledged
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that i think they underestimated what had been taking mace -- place in syria. >> wasn't the president being briefed on isis for over a year? we'll take a cloture -- a closer look because your mornings are better with friends. >> live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. it's "fox & friends." by the way, if you are craving a cup of coffee today, it is okay because it's national coffee day. >> great news for so many. we can't wait to share that cup with m9ñ >> i think we have a special surprise object that very same theme. >> we have this for you first. a fox news alert. he's accused of beheading a former co-worker and seriously hurting another and today alton know lab will officially be charged but the question is why
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isn't this being called a terrorist act. a big question as to what this is being called or what it's not being called. >> local police initially said it was workplace violence and he is still in the hospital but will now face first-degree murder charges and assault with a deadly weapon. police say he got angry in oklahoma city and went on a rampage at company headquarters. he killed one woman and was hacking away at another when the c.e.o. shot him. his mother recorded a video apologizing for her son's actions. >> our hearts bleed right now because what they're saying alton has done. i want to apologize to both families because this is not alton. >> there are two investigations here. the first being the local one into the attack but also a federal one looking
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at nolen's possible ties to terrorism. his facebook page makes reference to share i can't can't -- sharia law, jihad and 9/11. he had been in jail but released on good behavior. locals say he was a frequent worshiper in his mosque where he was described as a little off. >> he also assaulted a cop and they get him out in less than two years when he should be in jail for six. >> it is a crazy story. local cops in oklahoma, they refer to what he did, he terrorized the people at work. the big question is will it be regarded as terrorism? let's face it. he's a guy who you look at his facebook page, he embraced radical islam actions and stuff like that.
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>> could this be the beginning of the lone wolf attacks we've been worried about? if we're going to stop it, we have to at least acknowledge it. >> he was obsessed with islamic extremism. did you watch "60 minutes" last night? that interview generated reactions. pumped up prez blasts putin and china. "that's how we roll." the daily news -- by the way george clooney got married. the daily news says see no evil. obama admits isis caught us off guard, that according to "the new york post." curious is he's very outward in the fact that he throws the intel community under the bus. watch. >> i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, acknowledged that i think they underestimated
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what had been taking place in syria. with isil was that you had al qaeda in iraq which was a vicious group, but our marines were able to quash, with the help of sunni tribes. they went back underground. but offense the past couple of years -- but over the past couple of years during the chaos of the civil war where essentially you had huge swathes of the country completely ungoverned they were able to reconstitute themselves. >> that headline you held up initially that said bomb inator. i think it is really blame-in-ator. >> we've been reporting, not just the c.i.a. and other members of the intel community have been pumping
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information into the white house for up to two years now on the growth of the islamic state, on the chaos that was created by abandoning iraq, assessments on concerns over the readiness of the iraqi army, their abilities and their tactical and leadership command and structure. all this was going into the white house. so i don't know what they were doing with the reports. either they chose to ignore them because they didn't meet the narrative they were putting out there about decimating al qaeda. or they paid no attention. >> you hear mike baker speaking for c.i.a. operatives, all the people who said if you pull out there's a problem. the military said if you pull out there's a problem. we watch al-maliki replace all the sunni leaders with shia leaders. one of the guys for a minute we thought was nonpartisan tried to pull the sects together and start denying the kurds of
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their rations. at the same time telling the sunnis you can hit the road, at the same time syria erupts and goes offense the border. for example, on january 3 do you need a threat assessment to tell you volusia fell, sinjar august 34. and then we get a strategy. how much lead time do you need? we know the president watches news reports because if he was watching he would have seen this happening. it bothers me so much to see somebody blame somebody else for a position they're in. that's the antileadership quotient. >> it was very clear. stevecroft tried to bring the president to say i thought you were the guy who didn't want to start a war. you've started a war. we're not at war with isil which is funny because we had admiral kirby last week say we are at war with
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isil. here's the president. he's done a 180 over the last month or so. now he says when the going gets tough, the tough go to america. >> america leads. that's always the case. we are the indispensable nation. we have capacity no one else has. our military is the best in the history of the world. and when trouble comes up anywhere in the world, they don't call beijing. they don't call moscow. they call us. that's the deal. >> it looks like we are doing 90% -- >> steve, this is not an -- when there is a typhoon in the philippines, take a look at who's helping the philippines deal with that situation. when there's an earthquake in haiti, take a look at who's leading the charge making sure haiti can rebuild. that's how we go -- that's
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how we roll. and that's what makes us america. >> i loved it. i love that statement. i love everything he said right there. i hope it shows the situation where the president once he got behind the wheel of the country said we are unbelievable. because it is not seemingly how we always felt. >> who was that guy who made that sound bite? >> when you read that it looks reminiscent of president reagan, president bush -- >> president clinton too. >> president clinton as well. but it hasn't necessarily been the tone we've been hearing so far from president obama. take a listen. >> america must move off a permanent war footing. america must always lead on the world stage but u.s. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance. unless we discipline our thinking, our definitions, our actions, we may be drawn into more wars we don't need to fight. these new circumstances
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have also meant chipping away from a perpetual war footing. america should not be expected to police the world particularly when we have so many pressing needs here at home. >> remember what he said in 2009. i believe in american exceptionalism just as the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. no offense but i don't think he can put us in the same category. >> his last sound bite america should not be expected to police the world and we started that with when trouble comes to the world they turn to the united states. >> we now turn to ainsley earhardt. >> thanks guys. let me tell you about the headlines. terrifying video capturing the moment a monster truck rally in the netherlands takes a deadly turn.
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[screaming] >> you can hear all the spectators screaming as that truck knocks down the guardrail and plows through that crowd. thee people, including a child, are now dead. 20 others injured. the truck driver is now being questioned. investigators think the gas pedal got stuck or the brakes failed. new details in the case of a real estate agent who vanished in arkansas. police issuing an arrest warrant for this man, aaron lewis. the 33-year-old suspected of kidnapping beverly carter. lewis has an extensive criminal record in arkansas and utah and is on supervised parole until 2017. carter disappeared after showing a house to a potential buyer. beverly carter's son will join us live at 7:15 this morning eastern time with an update. the f.a.a. scrambling to restore a flight center. thousands of flights canceled since a fire
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friday morning. the f.a.a. is bringing in extra technicians to replace the damaged communications network. they expect to return to full service in two weeks. 36-year-old contract worker brian howard is charged with starting that fire but is currently in the hospital. monday morning of course means nfl highlights. the dallas cowboys taking on the new orleans saints. romo throwing for three touchdowns and murray agd two scores on the ground. cowboys win 38-17. the green bay packers taking on the chicago bears. rogers showing off with four touchdowns. packers getting the 38-17 win to grab the team 700 all-time wins. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much, ainsley. >> a beheading in the name of islam at work. is it terror or workplace violence? a witness who survived the fort hood massacre joins us live next to react.
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a recent convert to islam beheads a former co-worker while stabbing another. today alton nolen will be charged with first-degree murder as his mother insists, there are two sides to every story. >> i want to apologize to both families because this is not alton. but i just -- i'm praying that justice will prevail, the whole story will come out. >> meanwhile nolen celebrated acts of terrorism against the united states on his facebook page. so should his crime be considered workplace violence or an act of terror? joining us is retired u.s. army sergeant howard ray. he survived the fort hood massacre after rushing nine people to safety. good morning to you, sergeant. >> good morning.
3:18 am
how are you? >> doing okay. i understand you saw the first news reports of this guy down in oklahoma beheading his co-worker; took you right back to fort hood, didn't it? >> absolutely did. it really made me think about how our fight with terrorism and really bad atrocities like this is far from over. >> i mentioned a moment ago how this particular guy on his facebook page appeared to be obsessed with radical islam. there are reports that he may have been shouting islamic phrases as well. we haven't really heard from the feds on this. we heard from some of the locals saying this guy did what terrorists do. they terrorize. but isn't this terrorism rather than workplace violence, which is what fort hood was categorized by the feds? >> well, obviously this did happen at a workplace. but i think the more and more that you look into the suspect's facebook page and
3:19 am
his ideology, i think you can really find the underpinning of why this happened. an angry co-worker doesn't just, you know -- people typically run into that situation. you'll see a shooting or something like that. but you won't necessarily see someone get their head severed from their body, which is so tragic and so painful. i know for that family and for the co-workers and everyone in moore, oklahoma, right now, it even pains me as a survivor of the 2009 attack at fort hood. it's horrible. >> i tell you what, the people at that particular processing plant, they're lucky the c.e.o., mark vaughn, was a reserve deputy and had a gun on him at the time and was able to, he shot him a couple of times. the guy's going to live but nonetheless he was able to stop him. there he is right there. that guy's a hero. >> absolutely is.
3:20 am
one of the great things that we can learn from this is small business has learned a lesson that if they arm their employees, their employees will be safe. the sad thing is on a grander scale as far as our government goes, i don't think we've quite learned that lesson yet. >> i think you could be right. sergeant howard ray joining us from austin, texas. thanks for your service and thanks for getting up early to be with us here on "fox & friends." >> thank you so much. take care. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up cloudstdy of tear gas swallowing protesters in front of a government building, but police cannot stop their cry for democracy. i hope that makes sense for you. after a two-time battle, nfl hall of famer jim kelly is cancer-free. it's all part of a plan that the lord has. and i'm going to continue to follow that plan. we don't know where it's going to end up, but i'm not going to stop fighting. >> up next, kelly
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about his disease and how his family and god pulled him through the darkest time in his life. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. quick international headlines for you now. police firing tear gas as thousands protest in front of the government headquarters in hong kong. [screaming] >> demonstrators chanting we want democracy as they call for free elections in 2017. and toxic gas and ash still spewing from a massive volcano in japan. rescue crews now being forced to suspend all efforts to recover victims' bodies.
3:25 am
as many as 36 people died. >> lendingary buffalo -- bills jim kelly earned his motto. four years in a row they go to the super bowl. four years in a row they lost. his son tragically passes away at the age of eight. after being diagnosed and battling cancer twice, kelly this month announced he is cancer-free. we had the chance to sit down with jim and his wife jill to talk about their journey and how they found strength in their faith. >> almost a year to the day you were in our studio. >> i was diagnosed a couple of months ago. they removed my whole upper jaw. >> what has happened since? >> how long is this interview? >> 35 radiation treatments. you lose 51 pounds. what was that like? >> there was a period in new york city where i had so many bags hooked up to me, we really didn't know. even in my heart i didn't know if i was going to
3:26 am
live. i said to my brother, those are the longest two weeks. he said, jim, you were in the hospital for six weeks. i said what? >> i heard you got a little angry when you -- he said i might be seeing hunter before you. you got angry. >> we immediately started crying and i thought wow, that is not the road we're going to go down. although by faith we believe that god has a plan and all this for us, but there's more living to be done. >> jill, you took pictures? >> i did. none of us knew exactly what the outcome was going to be for jim, and i wanted to document every single thing. and i did. and i probably drove him crazy. >> tell me what you're thinking here. [cheering]
3:27 am
>> they surprised me. >> once again i got him on video. >> reminded me, you said it was something like a super bowl. you run through the tunnel. the hands went out. >> that was amazing because some of the people, along with my brothers, were all there. that was my last day, coming out of my last radiation treatment. and i remember that day because it -- i had so many people that were along my journey before i was even diagnosed. it didn't matter what i was going through, they were always there for me. and all the people that were this for me, that came to see me in the hospital came to see me at home, would send me letters, would send me packages. they were there that day. and as i said before, i'm a truly blessed man to have so many great people around me. >> i watched every single minute this year of the whole thing. what's your reneck shun --
3:28 am
your reflection on this? >> the last thing that i'm going to say before my speech is over, i want to catch one more pass for my quarterback. at the end of the speech, he was done. >> in the toughest game around you were known as the toughest. but you said in this speech that he taught you. >> i remember that. hunter. >> hunter, born on february 14, valentine's day. >> i don't want to start crying. >> that's how i feel. >> i can pretty much tell you word for word what i said there. he is the toughest person i ever met. i realize that the good lord put our son here for a reason and that was to change the lives of thousands and thousands of kids and families, and he did. now full circle now. it's me. it's all part of a plan the good lord has. i'm going to continue to follow that plan. we don't know where it's going to end up but i'm not going to stop fighting.
3:29 am
>> you said one of your goals on your bucket list is to walk your daughters down the aisle? >> to be able to walk those two down the aisle. that is on my bucket list. hopefully before that one, i want to take this lady back for a honeymoon back to italy. before that i'm going moose hunting with a couple buddies. i've got about five or six on my list but the three most special ones are with them. >> that's great. he started lifting weights again. >> he looks good. >> what spirit he has and jill is so special. >> incredible couple. later in the show jim will tackle something on the a lighter note. the trouble in the nvment it will be interesting on his take and who he blames in the nfl fl >> terrorists with a new
3:30 am
warning for america. >> this is the happiest looking mug shot ever. why the heck is that criminal smiling? >> you have the right to remain happy.w72 ♪ ♪ ♪ she inspires you.
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#"fox & friends." this morning george clooney waking up a married guy. we've got the pictures and there aren't many but you're going to see some of the exclusive pictures released to the public in a minute. >> we can't wait to share those with you. first we're going to turn to insurance -- to ainsley
3:34 am
earhardt. >> a new threat from al qaeda. the leader of al qaeda syria affiliate vowing revenge for u.s. led airstrikes. the nusra front saying they will use all possible means to fight back. syrian rebels see the al qaeda affiliates as an ally to the isis militants. this come as the u.s. led coalition continue their aerial assault. overnight raids hitting isis targets in northern syria. will jodi arias get the death penalty, she stabbed her boyfriend 29 times. today a search will begin for a new jury. the previous one unable to agree on a sentence. jodi arias's lawyers have the tough task of trying to find jurors who have not yet made up their minds about this high profile murder case. >> sparks were flying at last night's iowa senate
3:35 am
debate. the candidates started knocking each other for political associations including the koch brothers and tom steyer. >> i'm not sure that that's what ernst told the koch brothers when she went to their secret meeting. i stood up to big oil at yef opportunity. >> you're not running against these other people. you're running against me. i am a mother. i am a soldier and i am an independent leader. you are being funded by tom steyer, who is a california billionaire extreme environmentalist. so remember, please, that you are running against me. >> i realize that. president obama's name is not on the ballot. i'm not going to owe president obama anything on election day. you're going to owe the
3:36 am
koch brothers everything. >> i will stand up and do what's right for iowans, not for california extreme environmentalists, not for senator harry reid, not for president obama. >> the latest des moines register poll shows earns is ahead with a 44-38 lead. a fallen navy seal immortalized in maryland. he died two years ago in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. now a bridge in annapolis, maryland, is dedicated in his memory. friends and family gathering for the ceremony for the unveiling of the sign that will be placed on that bridge. his father saying the bridge will serve as a good reminder. >> he can't be replaced by the bridge. but if this will serve as a memorial. people will remember that when the country goes to war there are sacrifices. the dedication ceremony attended by state and military officials. and those are your
3:37 am
headlines. >> ainsley, thank you. here you are looking at photos taken of mr. and mrs. george clooney the morning after their big wedding. and they are likely the only ones you're going to get to see. >> the couple made the event so private, they asked all their guests to leave their phones and cameras at home giving them burner phones to use instead so nothing leaked out. for insight let's step into the fox light wyatt now with michael -- fox light right now with michael tammero. one of the reasons they did that is because they sold the rights for the real pictures to somebody else. >> to u.s. vogue it is rumored and they will donate the money to charity at some point. he has a lot of charities he supports. and also they want to keep their pictures their own. george doesn't leave anything to chance. he's very detail oriented. this is classic clooney style. >> i heard the guests were not able to take their cell phones. is that true? >> they asked the guests to leave their cell phones at home and if they saw anyone
3:38 am
taking pictures to report them to security. a lot of rules and regulations at this wedding. >> they get married in venice but they're going to have a civil ceremony today at the venice civil hall? >> they tied the knot in a personal ceremony on saturday. today they're going to tie the knot again in a civil ceremony. she really wants to get him on the record with this. she's leaving nothing to chance as they say. it was attended by a lot of big a-listers. matt damon. except one b.f.f. of clooney prks ben affleck because he was stuff in new york talk to go me. >> were you a fan of the book before starting this flick? >> i read the book when it got to hollywood and made a big splash. but i just thought i have
3:39 am
no idea how you make it into a movie. it seems to structurally weird and how do you have the narrative work the way it does. of course david and gill yam got together and me i'm completely wrong. >> never read the book. don't do a lot of reading when i'm writing and i'm writing all the time because i don't want stuff seeping in. but gilliam is amazing, david amazing. it is really incredible. >> i love the book. i love the book. i went back and read all the acknowledgements and i read both sides of the flap. i was very into it not ending. >> the book in 2012 sold over nine million copies. >> ben affleck produced? >> no. he just starred in t. gilliam wrote the book. we asked her twha it was --
3:40 am
asked her what it was like. i have not enjoyed a movie like this in a long time. it is fantastic. you can catch all my interviews at in the fox snoip now -- >> now you know why ben affleck wasn't at george clooney's wedding. coming up on this monday, the manhunt is on for the suspect accused of shooting a cop in ferguson. this as the president makes his message clear. >> many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement. walking while black, dreefg while black, judged by stereotypes that cause fear and resentment. >> should the president be taking shots against law enforcement. >> is this the happiest looking mug shot you'll
3:41 am
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quick headlines for you on this monday morning. the happiest mug shot ever. a man charged with robbing a denver bank. cops say michael whitington was caught after trying to getting away on a train following a robbery. he faces a judge tomorrow. washington nationals pitcher george zimmerman getting much-needed help from his friend. >> yellich left center,
3:45 am
it's well hit and a diving catch. >> unbelievable. steven suza to make the catch and save the no-hitter. the nationals's first no-hitter. >> the manhunt continues for the suspect who shot and wounded a ferguson police officer saturday night. police say the shooting is unrelated to the death of michael brown. the unarmed teen shot by police last month. this as the president makes his message clear the same day. >> in too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement. too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness. >> should the president really be taking shots against law enforcement? here to react is former virginia police chief and retired u.s. marshal carl
3:46 am
rowan. >> do you think the president was irresponsible with those remarks? >> good morning, brian. it's not unusual to hear unfortunate racial rhetoric from some speakers at a congressional black caucus dinner but you expect better from the united states. his words were really troubling on many levels. >> at the same time unrelated perhaps, of course, to his comments, you see an officer shot in ferguson, which is white hot right now with resentment? >> absolutely. the president has made it clear that he sees the problem wholly with law enforcement. his words, his divisive words can create hostile actions at the local level that are totally unnecessary. and that's what's so troubling about them. >> it will be interesting to see one of the black leaders that go and, go out to ferguson to stick up for what they think is michael brown being gunned down
3:47 am
before the due process had taken place, it will be interesting to see them step up and talk about this policeman being shot on friday -- on saturday. >> well, unfortunately that would take leadership. and that seems to be in short supply. i don't see how any police officer can put his or her badge on and go to work believing that they're going to get a fair shake or the benefit of the doubt from this president or from anyone in his administration. i've never seen a president or a justice department so hostile to law enforcement. >> there's very few jobs outside serving in the infantry or army or battle in fallujah where each day you get up could be your last. a ticket for speeding could lead to your death. i think in america at the present time we're taking
3:48 am
this for granted? >> absolutely. it would be nice to hear the president say something appreciative for the job that law enforcement officers do every day. >> and in new york we're experiencing the same thing. carl rowan former chief of police over in virginia, thanks so much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, she went to show a house to a prospective buyer and never came back. now a suspect has been identified. beverly carter's son joins us live with the latest on the search. when a disaster hits you at home, how do you get out safe? our next guest has the one bag that could save your life. ♪ ♪ will that be all, sir? ♪
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we have all seen the destruction caused by earthquakes and hurricanes, but would you know what to do in such an emergency? >> good question, steve, well september is national preparedness months and experts stress thousand crucial it is to have -- how crucial it is to have a bag. we are joined now with the tips that we all need. good morning, frank. what should be in this survival kit and why's it so important? >> well this is one of our auto survival kits. >> in your car. >> at all times. you're stuck in traffic, you'll wish you had this with you.
3:53 am
>> leave it in the trunk. >> for years, right? >> like five year food, five year water. >> frank, let's go ahead and start packing the bag, let's go ahead and innumerate what you're putting in. >> this is the five year food. >> apple cinnamon, and in this situation, it's going to taste like filet mignon. >> here's your water. >> put the blanket so we can fit it all real good. >> the water's coming in single drinking pouchs like that. how clever. like something you would give your team on a saturday morning. >> exactly. >> yeah. put the water in the zip lock bag. i've never had one burst, and i've sold many of them, just in case, it retains the water that's very necessary. and also doesn't ruin everything else. >> speaking of water, frank, tell me about the life straw, this is something you say everybody should have, what does it do?
3:54 am
>> everybody should have it. if you have to leave it, take it with you. water is everything, it'll filter 254 gallons of water out of dirtiest looking pond you've ever seen. >> you could drink it if you had toe through the life straw. >> it's not going to taste good -- >> but it'll save your life. >> for sure. >> that's new. what's in the can? >> you don't to want get a flat and get stuck. that little refill the air in your tire and get you to a gas station. >> great. >> some of these make sense as well, a lot of this stuff is what you'd take camping, storm matches, ponchos, why do i need an outdoor mirror? >> if you have thrown off the highway, you're stuck somewhere in the snow, you want to signal somebody, aim for the sun and get somebody's attention. >> just like in the movies. >> snap sticks, or just to warn. >> they're just too to keep you, have light in the car at night. yep.
3:55 am
>> okay. these are the reflective triangles. set these outside of the car. >> exactly. >> do you think now more than ever we need to have this kit? or is this just always? no one just has one. >> we've always needed this, and now we need this, plus a lot more. >> have you seen an increase in people coming to your location and store? >> sadly yes. i say sadly because we saw 25 year shelf life food, house emergency things, things that'll keep you alive. >> after i question for you -- i have a question for you and after 9/11 people said you should be ready. my wife and i bought 25 gallons of water, then on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we thought, you know this probably isn't any good anymore, how long does water in a plastic jar last? >> that water you would have to use a filter, it's a pump filter, and it would still be fine. we sell barrels that are blue,
3:56 am
ultra violate raies can not get through to make the bacteria. i would still keep the water -- >> just use the life straw. >> okay. >> or we have other pumps at our store also. >> we're going to put the complete list of things you need to have in your go bag on our website. >> for sure. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> great advice. >> thank you, frank. all right coming up, president obama says the american economy is the best in decades, and investigators are fighting to do business here. is that true? what about our taxes? we're going to talk to donald trump coming up next. do you give your kids timeouts, it could be hurting your kid more than it helps. you're going to hear both sides of that debate coming up next.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you.
4:00 am
good morning, it is monday, september 29th, i'm elisabeth hasselbe hasselbeck. fox news alert, she was showing a house to a perspective buyer and has not been seen since. right now the hunt is on for this man who fled the hospital after a car crash. beverly carter's son joins us live with the latest on the search for his mother. president of the united states admits the usa blew it on isis, but it's not president obama's fault. >>. >> our head of the intelligence community admitted that. i think they underestimated that. >> they? the intel community differs with the commander in chief, donald trump here to react in moments. parents, have you heard this?
4:01 am
don't give your kids a time out, it might hurt their feelings. instead, try a time in. that means more time with mom and dad. >> oh. >> morningings are better with friends -- mornings are better with friend. >> what? >> i don't get it now. >> time in, you're in time in. >> great, now time with mom and dad is punishment. you're going to have o to spend more time with me, that'll straighten them out. how would you like to spend a whole day with me? keep up with that wise mouth. >> spending time with you for your children is torture? >> that's what it seems. >> we're in time in here, we're going to get a timeout if we turn to ainsley. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> good morning, good morning at home. he is accused of beheading a former coworker and seriously hurting another. and today, alten nolan will be
4:02 am
charged with first-degree murder and assault. police say that nolan went on a rampage in moore, oklahoma, after getting fired. he was eventually stopped when the company's coo shot them. nolan's mother posting an emotional apology on facebook. >> our heart bleeds right now because what they saying alton has done. i want to apologize to both families. because this is not happening. >> nolen will be arraigned as soon as he's released from the hospital. terrifying video capturing the moment a monster truck valley turns deadly. wow. you can hear the spectators screaming as that truck plows right into the crowd.
4:03 am
it happened in the netherlands, three people, including a child are now dead. 20 others were injured. the truck driver is now being questioned. investigators think the gas pedal got stuck or the brake's failed. brand new details in the case of a real estate agent who vanished while showing a house in arkansas. late last night, police just issued an arrest warrant for aaron lewis. he's suspected of kidnapping beverly carter. he has an extensive criminal record in arkansas, missouri, and utah, and is on patrol until 2016. carter disappeared on thursday after showing a foreclosed house to a potential buyer. the next day her husband says he got three text messages from his wife's cell phone. one saying she was out drinking with friends, but he says she's not a drinker. beverly carter's son joins us live next with an update on the search for his mother. close call for jennifer lopez and actress leah remini.
4:04 am
she was driving j-lo's car when a drunk driver hit them then took off. lopez instagramed this photo with a caption, sitting at a light, riding high, right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip whip, #cursethatfoolowhip, #cu t whip, #cursethatfoolout #the bronxcameout. >> i did not know a whip. >> whiplash, gosh. thanks. >> it's how the kids talk these days. joining us now, you know him at @realdonaldtrump. >> i'm sure you were watching the president of the united states. extraordinarily what we know to be true is apparently the intel community for the last year and a half has been briefing the white house on the threat of isis. and they have made it clear,
4:05 am
this is something to be worried about, last night, mr. trump, listen to this, here's the president throwing the intel community under the bus. >> how did they end up where they are in control of so much territory? was that a complete surprise to you? >> well, i think our heads of the intelligence community, jim clapper acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> he didn't just say that we underestimated isil, he said we overestimated the ability and the will of our allies, the iraqi army to fight. >> that's true. that's absolutely true. >> okay. so it's not his problem, he's blaming somebody else, mr. trump. >> well first of all, he's hard to watch. and constantly blaming other people and i really wonder what's going to be happening when obamacare crashes in 20d 16 because that's when it all comes about and you're going to see a
4:06 am
crash like never before. he'll be on the golf course and not worrying about it too much. his history is he blames everybody, he doesn't know what's going on. i don't know if he's a worker or not. i'm not sure. maybe he's not a worker and he just doesn't have time to think about these things, but certainly he blames everybody for everything that goes wrong. and there's plenty going wrong. >> do you think it's he didn't want to know or that he knew and didn't care? >> i think he almost doesn't just know what's going on. i mean, my opinion is look, he has these people reporting to him. how can they not know? everybody else knew. everybody over there knew. iraq, where we spent $2 trillion, then taken over like a bunch of babies, they throw up our weapons, throw them up in the air and run like babies. and this is after we spent $2 billion, and he doesn't know what's going on as they take over big sections of iraq? that's inconceivable to me.
4:07 am
>> it might be more, if we stayed, we would have seen him oust all the sunni leaders. he would have saw that al-maliki was taking all the resources away from other regions and maybe he wouldn't have done it if we kept a force there, not to fight, but to watch and secure and advise. but listen to this, fallujah fell january 4th, telefar june 15th. we didn't take action until august and september. >> well he doesn't take action. he does things very late. in this case, it was years late, and it could have been stopped very easily early on. this is a much bigger threat right now. i think it's a threat we can handle, but we're going to have to handle it strongly. so far as troops on the ground, i watched the generals talking saying you have to have troops on the ground. it's a sad fact, but perhaps that's what we're going to have to do. believe it or not. >> well, when he wasn't blaming
4:08 am
the intel community for underestimating isis, he was blaming george bush, this is a bad time, you have ebola, ukraine, syria, well it was much worse when i inherited this mess from george bush. and steve cross said people don't feel good, he had this sound byte we're going to play for you about how people would feel better if they'd simply passed what the president wants passed. >> if we raise the minimum wage and make sure people are getting paid the same as men. if we are rebuilding infrastructure, if we're going more to invest in job training to people can get the jobs out there right now. manufacturing is coming back to this country, not just the autoindustry that we saved, but reinvestment here in the united states. businesses around the world are saying for the first time in a long time, the place to invest isn't china, it's the united states. >> do you agree? >> you know business better than anybody? >> it's incorrect. china has been eating our lunch,
4:09 am
they have for years. mexico, look there, we can't get the sergeant out, the marine out of mexico. and yet, they're doing unbelievably well with our business. we have businesses moving to mexico and getting tax abadements and tax cuts for them. we're giving them tax incentive to move to mexico. it's crazy. many countries, and watch mexico, because in the future, that's the place, it's what's going on in this country is the opposite. we take a look at the new iphone, the apple iphone, and we talk about apple's an american company, is it really? it's made, every one of them made in china, and other places, but they're not made in here, not one of them. so the manufacturers are not coming here. manufacturing's being taken from here. look also at chooinl, if we -- china, if we sell a truck to china, which is a rare occurrence, they charge a tax. when they sell things to us, there is no tax whatsoever. >> right.
4:10 am
>> we don't know what we're doing. we don't know from an economic standpoint what we're doing. >> but, you know, what do you say, ian if you believe the -- even if you believe the minimum wage should be raised, isn't it dancing around the edges? where's the big picture on revitalizing and restructuring. do you have an idea of some of the things you would do? >> absolutely, but it's not about the minimum wage, it's about creating jobs. the number of #.3 -- 6.3% is way off because all of those people that couldn't get jobs are considered employed from a statistical standpoint. you probably have an unemployment rate of 18%, 19%, could even be above 20%, and those people are considered employed. you have to get people working again. you have to get jobs. and we have to be, you know, he also talked in that interview about we're the ones that they call, well sometimes we're going to have to turn down those calls
4:11 am
on or sometimes people are going to have to do for the united states. we're a bunch of pat sis, we're very poorly led people, and what does anybody do for us? so you know, sometimes when they call, and there's a problem, we have to say folks, twoef straighten out our -- we have to straighten out our own mess. >> the american people are feeling it, 58% of them, according to recent fox news poll, when they is that true line, american economy, american workers are better off now than in 2008, almost 60% said that was mostly false. 58%. >> who are the other people? who are the 36%, i mean it's, who are these people but a you don't see it, you don't feel it. there's not a lot of spirit right now for the country. that's the other thing, our country needs spirit. when do good things happen? what have you seen a report where the country's booming, where we're doing great -- >> oil and natural gas. no one ever talks about it. >> we're taking business away
4:12 am
from china. where we're taking business away from all parts of asia and india. you don't see that, it's always that we're the ones that are losing. >> start exporting and selling our own oil and gas, that's the boom nobody's talking about. it's not government. >> every monday that the time, donald trump joins us live on the phone from his empire somewhere, and we thank him for joining us. if you like to follow him on twitter, it's @realdonaldtrump. this realtor went to show a house and never came back. now police fwhoe they're looking for. that woman's son is going to join us next. >> what a story. and wonder why 60 minutes got that interview with the president, anything to do with this prime time cameo? >> have we met before? >> no, we haven't. >> i heard that you were contemplating running for state's attorney. >> is obama's senior advisor
4:13 am
valerie jarrett going into acting or is there another reason she got the role? we'll tell you about that as we follow live from new york city. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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4:17 am
a fox news alert, a massive man hunt under way in arkansas this morning for a suspected kidnapper, aaron lewis. police say lewis may have learned real estate agent beverly carter into a foreclosured home last thursday. she has not been seen since. at first, he was only a person of interest in the case until yesterday when he was involved in a bizarre car accident that left him with cuts and bruises on his face. police took this photo right here before bringing him into the hospital where he managed to escape during a ct scan. so where is aaron lewis? and more importantly? where is his alleged victim real estate beverly carter? i am joined now we carl junior. we thank you for joining pus. this is an important morning for you, when you saw the picture, this suspect now on the loose, did he look familiar at all to you? >> no. it's just crazy. we're thinking and, you know,
4:18 am
going through photos and thinks of where have we been, where has she been and how could he possibly be connected and why, why is my mom a target? we have no idea. >> you know, your dad said he receivered a couple of text messages from your mom. can you tell us about those and this is the last time i believe he heard from her. >> yes, ma'am. we, we had called the cops, and they had come out to the location where mom's car was left at that property that she was showing. and you know, we're sitting there and, you know, 10:30, 11:00, 12:00, you know, time passes by and the worry builds and all the sudden we get these texts from mom's phone, and it's almost joyous, like mom's okay, but then, the reality hits, and we read these texts and it's just not my mom. >> you say that because one
4:19 am
eluded to going out drinking with friends. >> right, right. she is not a fan of the drinking. she would have a drink or two, a year, and very social settings. it would never, never be let's go out with my girlfriends, she's just not that type of person. >> right. i know you want everyone to know if they have any information to go to have you received any information tips and support there so far? >> we have, we have received a lot of tips. and we've passed those on to local law enforcement. and i encourage people, they say if they know anything at all, small, connection, especially related to this gentleman that is not a gentleman, but this person that has taken my mother, however small it may be, that you make that known, please.
4:20 am
please help me find my mom. >> and carl, there's a great chance that your mom can hear you right now, i want to give you thecñ0 we have the facebook on our website and 501-340-6600 is the sheriff's office if anyone wants to call with any information, our heart's are with you, we'll stay on this. >> thank you. >> got it. well restaurants are now
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time now for the numbers. $4.35, that's the average cost to withdraw your own money from an out of network atm machine. $4.35. $35 million, that's how much the new denzel washington film earned, making it number one finally 100, that's the age of this kansas city royals fan. francis van hugheser has supported the team for more than
4:25 am
50 years and to celebrate her birthday, the team gave her a shoutout on tv, sent her team shirts and the best gift, they made the playoffs. go royals. >> all right, yeah, who thought that was going to happen? 25 minutes now after the hour, earlier in the show, i shared the inspiring show of jim kelly and his wife jill. they talked about beating cancer twice now, and how they're continuing their fight, but could not leave without talking a little football. the current state of the nfl, and how the players in the league are dealing with the controversy they are facing today. >> i am sorry that we didn't push harder to get that tape. >> my actions are inexcusable. >> have you considered resigning. >> i have not. >> now we're seeing for the first time that i can remember the league is on its heels. how would you explain what the league has gone through? >> sad. but a very small minority, very
4:26 am
small group, 34 guys screwed up. people have to own up to their own responsibilities. i mean, you look at roger goodell and you blame him, you look at the owners, everybody's giving the blame to everybody else. give it to the guy that screwed up. he's the one that screwed up, not the commissioner, and everybody makes mistakes. i understand that, but when you're a 26, 27-year-old best way out? >> i have no idea. everybody has to look at themselves in the mirror. be responsible for yourself. i'm not by no means a perfect kid, by no means, but my dad always said son, when you leave this front door, you go somewhere else, remember you represent our name. and i took so much pride in the kelly name that i never wanted to tarnish it. and i think players nowadays should do that. unfortunately, nowadays, social media, so many outl/j÷ out
4:27 am
there, you have to be squeaky clean. i thank the good lord ere day that i wasn't -- every day that i wasn't playing when social media was. i've talked to so many other guys that said the same thing. >> do you believe that football players should be better than everybody because they have a responsibility, more than the average person? >> no, everybody's the same. except when you become a professional athlete, you are automatically a role model. and you are in the public eye, and you have to accept that. that's part of being a professional athlete, whether it's football, baseball, basketball, hockey, you have understand that there's a lot of dhads look up to you. adults that look up to you. you have to understand, that's part of it, again, it's only a few players, but a few is too many. >> life or death struggles, but yet the bills still matter. you wanted to make sure they stayed, and when that season opened up, they wanted to make sure you felt appreciated. what was that like? >> you know number one it's
4:28 am
humbling to know that there's so many people out there that do care. and one thing that aye learned -- i've learned through my time coming to buffalo when i said i never wanted to be here is the people are amazing. they have hearts of gold. how they rallied around me after i retired when my son was born and of course when i had cancer, how many people that we've helped change and how many people have changed me in this city is why i will spend the rest of my life here. >> just amazing, he's referring to the fact that he says i'm going to the usfl, now guess where he is, he's in buffalo. went, spent ten great years. yo only were they nice enough to open up the doors, every time he talks it hurts. his mouth is still killing him. so to talk, he had to get pumped up to do that. every sentence, every word, he wants to inspire others with
4:29 am
cancer. he feels very bad for the people who are in these cancer wards and have nobody visit them. jim kelly, famous, great situation, but he felt so bad, he used to see everybody else by themselves, suffering by themselves, that's important. also megan mcdonald and kelly did an unbelievable job. >> what a special time you had with him, my goodness. extraordinary family and joy. >> went to buffalo and came back. >> great interview. he's a wonderful guy, and what an inspiring story. he'll be back up to 2:30 at this time. >> good call there. do you wonder why 60 minutes got that interview with the president? did it have anything to doed with this prime time cameo, huh? >> mis-jarrett, have we -- miss jarrett, have we met before? >> we haven't, but i heard you were contemplating running for the attorney? >> is valerie jarrett going into acting or is there another reason she got the role? we're going to look into it. and have you heard, today is
4:30 am
national coffee day and there's a bunch of places where you can get a free cup. we have them for you, plus we're going to show you something cool when we roll on live from new york city where we're going to get cranked um on java. (male announcer) it's happening.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
♪ look at that. it is national coffee day and we are celebrating by getting our faces put on a la day. it's called theselfie. >> how cool is that? >> it takes a lot of talent to make one of these. this is extraordinary.
4:34 am
>> barista at a cafe has been in the green room, and he did such a lovely job creating our likenesses in lattes. by the way, because it is national coffee day, it's not just them that's giving out free coffee, duncan donuts, crispy cream, mcdonalds, and tim horton as well. free coffee on national coffee day. >> they came here, we appreciate them. and by the xbuwway, you can getm in time square and 25 other locations across the country. it's another successful franchise. >> barista to a whole other level. >> i don't know how you'd do that on paper. >> a latte talent. >> don't draw me. won't be flattering. we know a lot of you watch fox news channel all the time, well if you were watching cbs last night, it was pretty much wall to wall about --
4:35 am
>> what do you mean? >> the obama administration. there's a new show out called madame secretary, it stars secretary of state. it's curious, look at that, dan gainer from the media research center says quote, the show has been crafted to spruce up the image and say that hillary isn't everything. if you missed it last night, here she is asthma dam secretary. >> at 0800 hours, our embassy was breeched. >> were they still outside the compound? >> yes, and their numbers are growing. >> okay, what's the threat assessment? >> situation is still fluid. >> let me put it this way, on a scale of one to ten, how far are we from another benghazi? >> best guess, you're looking at
4:36 am
a seven. >> wow, that would be great, that would be good if our secretary of state was making quick decisions, but that wasn't happen pg. wow, that makes it very interesting. >> that show was on right before. that was 60 minutes. >> then just two hours later, valerie jarrett in the good wife with the cameo playing herself. >> i admire the way you set your own course. >> well, thank you, miss jarrett, have we met before? >> no, we haven't, but i heard that you were contemplating running for state's attorney. >> she'll know it's me. >> what do you want me to say? >> encouragement. >> and i wanted you to encourage you to run. step up. >> look at that, there she is playing herself. the new york times actually panned her appearance, they wrote, the political function theirs can't act, they're a distraction and flatten every scene their in with shock of recognition isn't worth it. there you've got three hours of
4:37 am
prime time television last night on cbs, with the good wife, madame secretary, and 60 minutes, for the most part, they stood by celebrating brock. >> not enough going on with syria, the u.n., they needed more screen time. >> we also might be jealous because no one asked us. >> we're on a tv series. >> oh, starring us. >> we're on a long running number one around the world tv series. what else do you want? >> who plays me. >> someone special. >> this guy right here in the coffee. >> thank you very much. >> you sip that while we turn over it ainsly. we need to get you a latte. >> they're so talented, that's really cool. thank you guys. let me tell you what happened overnight while you were sleeping. the hunt is now on for the gunman who shot a police officer in ferguson, missouri. the burglary suspect opened fire, hitting the officer in the arm after he tried to chase him
4:38 am
down. we're told, that officer was wearing one of those body cameras at the time which is a new practice that began in the wake of michael brown's death. the only problem is, the body camera was not turned on. the officer is now recovering at home. the search for accused cop killer eric frein entering a 17th day. shifting a search in the new direction saying he's contained to a five square mile area near his parent's house. police also remaining cautious saying that frein possibly hit booby traps. this morning police are not confirming tloorts he has been spotted. talk about a traffic nightmare, at this very moment, there's a large tractor trailer stuck, blocking at least two lanes of traffic. look at that, after crashing into that overpass on a busy new york city highway. police say that driver went down a street he wasn't allowed to be on. and now they're working to free the truck. it's not clear if anyone was injured. and call it money for
4:39 am
manners. restaurants all across the country now shelling out rewards if you put down your cell phone during your meal. steve likes that. one new jersey spot offering 5% off in your neck of the woods, steve, if you can make it through your entire meal without texting or tweeting. >> you know what's interesting? i think we have a society, i think we got to the point where people are embarrassed to text at the table. >> but they do it all the time. >> i notice like every time if i have to answer a text, i feel guilty, and so does everyone else. >> that's a good sign. >> right? >> when we go out to dinner now, there's a rule, everybody puts their cell phone in the middle of the table, and if anybody picks it up, they have to pay. >> oh really? >> little maybe punishment and discipline. >> we're not going to touch it. >> love it. maria with a preview of the day weather wise. >> hey good morning, you know what, it's a beautiful day here in new york city, and i want to
4:40 am
take you international because out there in the city of venice, we have beautiful weather also. brand new images coming out of there. you can see right on your scene, george clooney has officially signed papers out there meaning that he's married and just completed his civil ceremony. so we knew of course that he had his ceremony over the weekend, and now it's official on paper in terms of the civil ceremony out there. congratulations to the lovely couple. and wishing much, much, much joy in the years to come. now parts of the southeastern united states, out there we have heavy rain and flash flood concerns across parts of florida and also southern georgia. and further west across parts of the rockies and into the plains, severe weather risk, isolated tornados are a concern and temperature wise, feeling a little bit more like summer across parts of the plains into the upper 80s across parts of texas and oklahoma. 81 in new york city for the high above average. meanwhile, behind that storm,
4:41 am
cooler across parts of utah and montana. highs out there in the 60s. back inside. >> maria, thank you very much, beautiful day here in new york city and beautiful day in ven miss. >> they -- venice. >> they look happy. man accused of convertingg9o islam is going to face murder charges in oklahoma today. but what about terror charges? closer looked in the case when we come back. and i am going to answer your facebook questions to that very topic right now. parents, don't give your kids a time out, it might hurt their feelings, instead, try a time in, that means more time with you mom and dad, we're going debate that next. >> hold my hand.
4:42 am
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today, the oklahoma man who converted to islam before beheading one of his coworkers will appear in court on murder charges. this as we learn he probably should have been behind bars at the time. peter johnson junior joins us right now. >> that's right. let's talk about who is alton nolen, going to be charged and convicted in january 2011 of multiple felony drug offenses, assault, and battery on a police officer, and escaped from the detention, he was supposed to be in jail for six years according to prosecutors, but under a deal, he got out in march, 2013. and they're trying to explain that away. when will he be charged? he's going to be charged today wl first-degree murder and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. he could also face other state and federal charges. and the charges that people are talking about really are, federal and state terrorism charges. and why the t word is not being
4:46 am
spoken about with this ad. >> there are reports that apparently he was shouting islamic phrases at the time. that's one report out there by a reporter in home. >> there is such a report and trying to get coworkers to convert. also a photo with the isis salute. and adherent of islamic extremism. when did this happen? happened at vaughn foods in moore, oklahoma. nolen proceeded into the front office. straight to the front office. he was ultimately stopped by a reserve sheriff who happened to be the chief operating officer of that company with his legal handgun. >> if that gay would not have had -- guy would not have had a gun, he would have beheaded a second person. >> it's certain because he assaulted a second person. the question becomes today, why if he's guilty of this crime why did in fact he do it? now we know he converted to
4:47 am
islam while in state prison. we know he tried to convert several employees to that religion. we know that he posted an image to facebook with the caption, sharia law is coming. and we know if you looked at his facebook entries, time and time again, islamic law and references to islamic extremism on his feed. >> sure, and peter, you look at the news over the last month or two, and we had these gruesome beheading videos, then this happens in oklahoma, a lot of people are connecting, when was the last time we heard of anybody being beheaded before the isis stuff. >> that leads to the question why does matter why he actually did it? and you go across twitter and facebook, across america, people are saying why hasn't the president spoken out? why hasn't the federal government spoken out? why hasn't there been a recognition that there's a
4:48 am
problem in the state and federal prisons with regard to conversions in gangs and to put the dots together with regard to this particular assault and murder in the state of oklahoma. why isn't the federal government saying, yes, this is a problem in the united states? why are they always resorting to the excuse that it was only workplace violence or the act of a deranged lunatic? we need to look at this very, very carefully and understand what it says about our culture, prisons, and radical extremism, islamic radical extremism in the united states and how we counter it. >> it was workplace violence, at the same time, it was terror. >> absolutely, if i was there and if people in oklahoma today, i'm sure they're terrorized by what occurred in that facility. terrorism, yes. >> all right. answering five w's, peter johnson junior, thank you. coming up, parents, listen up, giving your kids a time out
4:49 am
could actually hurt more than it helps. details coming up. good debate. plus on this date in 1789, the first u.s. congress adjourned. in 1951, the first sporting event televised live, it was a football game between duke and the university of pittsburgh. and in 1968, this was the number one song in america, you know the words, you know the singers, gctead, sing along with paul. ♪ you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue?
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okay parents, have you heard this one? new study says giving your kids
4:53 am
time outs may do more harm than good. scientists found the brain scans of kids were the same as those spanked. should we just abandon the tactic that most experts recommend? joining us for a debate on this, mental health consultant and parenting expert, stephanie, and jennifer of freelance writer who focuses on parents and cultural issues. so jenny and stephanie, glad you're joining me here now. put even's attention here, it was 2012, studied more than two dozen three to seven-year-olds. okay. and what they did was split them up, give some with time out zones, and some with no intervention at all when when they didn't perform a task. those that had time outs had an 83% success rate in terms of listening to their instructions. so what's wrong with time out? >> i don't think anything is wrong with time out. i like them, i think they're effective. i do believe that each child needs to be parented differently, on an individual basis, but i actually think
4:54 am
they're very effective. >> okay. so that we should go ahead with time outs, you don't agree that says it is damaging. >> no, i don't. i think professionally and personally, i use them, i have three kids myself, and i think that time outs are not just effective for children, but i think they're parent for parents as well. we need a time to cool off and say, we need a few minutes, whatever it's going to take to say, relax and unwind and then we'll come back and figure it out together. >> okay, jenny you say. i agree that the time out is for the parent. i think where the trickiness comes in is the unintentional message you give your child when you put them in a timeout, you're thinking they're processing what just happened. instead i feel like they're saying to themselves, mommy doesn't love me. why is mommy shutting me out when i'm in a personal crisis, these are personal crisis. instead of leaning in and talking to your child, you're shunning them. >> but a child will need to be
4:55 am
removed. in the light of the recent news we've heard about child abuse, allegations there. sometimes as you pointed out, stephanie, there are, the time out is for the parent, step away, take a couple minutes, get it together so you're not disciplining in a heated moments, in those cases where it would separate maybe make a big difference in terms of physical discipline. would that be something you would recommend? >> absolutely, but i again believe it's for the parent, it's not for the child. there are other alternatives that would help children be more effective. >> right, i think children do respond differently. there are some that would despise being alone, then have one kid in my family at least go to my room, i love it there. >> tell that to my kid. i think look, like you said, adrian peterson used a time out instead of his, the way he parented or disciplined his child, things may have been very different. and so again, it is for the parent as well. i believe 50% of is it just, i
4:56 am
need to cool off. but i do think that kids need to be disciplined and parents are afraid to discipline their children. and i don't think they should be. if kids are doing something and acting out, it's okay to discipline them or to say, you're going to your room, you need to think about, and i hear what you're saying -- >> i think it's age appropriate. >> absolutely. older child is going to maybe look and say, time out. and act out more, but i do think that there has to be the cool down period. >> but if they're acting out there's a reason, and shutting them out and giving them the cold shoulder is not building up the empathy and connection and understanding what children are craving. >> that's a conversation to say, i want you to let you know, this is not a time where i'm saying i don't want to be with you, i want to let you know where we're both cooling off. that's all that this is. >> thank you both, for having this debate. you want to continue with you at home, let us know what you think about that on facebook, twitter, and e mill. time out or time in?
4:57 am
we'll be standing by. still ahead, president obama playing the blame game with isis. this time, he's pointing the finger at his intelligence team. will the american people buy it? brett baier with that next.
4:58 am
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good morning, it is monday, september 29th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. monster truck show takes a deadly turn. exactly what caused that driver to plow into a crowd of people like that? my goodness. meanwhile the president admits the united states blew it on isis, but it's not his fault. >> our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper has acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> they underestimated, mr. president, the intel community begs to differ with you.
5:01 am
we're going to talk to brett baier live in d.c. in 20 seconds. have you ever googled yourself? i try not to. find something you wish would disappear, even pictures of your kids. how to erase those moments, you don't want everyone to see. good luck with mine. mornings are better with friends. yahoo, you can do something about google. >> yeah. >> find out how to do with that kurt the cyber guy. right now let's go down to washington, d.c. and the capitol >> i googled you the other day, you should stay away from that. >> brett, you are not exaggerating, i wish i had brett baier's background check, no problem. >> we're working on the delete. >> yeah. we're working on that. hey brett, we've been talking today about the blame game,
5:02 am
president actually pointing fingers at the intel community, saying look, it's their fault that we underestimated al qaeda, never saw them coming, and you know, underestimated the passion of the iraqi army there. why would he do this? and the reaction can't be great. >> yeah, i mean listen, the phrasing there was not we, it was they. and jim clapper, when something great happens with the intelligence community it's a lot of i, and we, but i think, listen, the president gets his intelligence from the intelligence community. gets a briefing, and they, the intelligence community underestimated the isis threat, according to the president, the same president however who called this group the jv. >> sure. >> new yorker magazine, and that was in january. the same month fallujah fell. for example, i think, my humble
5:03 am
opinion, what i've learned, brett baier is that the american people forgive you if you have an honest mistake. we underestimated what was happening in iraq. we'll never do that again and look to correct that over the next few months. i think that goes over a lot better than, james clamber admitted they essentially dropped the ball on this one. >> i[e agree with you. and how he phrased it was interesting. also not in that answer, while he said they underestimated the threat from isis, and they underestimated the fact that the iraqis wouldn't stand up to that fight, not in that answer was, we didn't fight hard enough to get iraqi troops to still be there to help these iraqi, i mean the iraqi government to still be there, u.s. troops to firm up the backbone of the iraq kiss in the status of forces agreement. you know, he says that that was not his fault because the iraqis wanted the u.s. out and no immunity deal. it's interesting to point out they have an amenuty deal now and no congress voted.
5:04 am
they have the deal to be on the ground of 2,000 roughly troops that are there. >> you know brett, guy from the intel community, i spoke to him on the phone last night after the interview, and they're steamed. the intel community is steamed, because apparently the white house has been getting detailed information about isis, about the khorasan group, which really is core al qaeda, for a month, rather a year and a half, coming up on two years. don't know that, you know, the president was processing what it all meant, but nonetheless, for him to say, you know, blame those guys, when he had the information on his desk, that's something. and they're upset about it, the intel community. >> yeah, i bet. and i'm sure we're going to hear more through various channels about that. and you know, we've reported that a couple weeks ago, katherine herridge had a report about the brief including the isis threat growing and as you point out, about a year ago.
5:05 am
that is significant in the wake of what was said last night. >> and just point out real quick, we don't have the sound byte in details, but the other issue is arming the free syrian army who are very mad at us now for bombing i.c.e.s and not -- isis and not assad. so saying that we have a ground force using the free syrian army is not going to work because the president's diminished their credibility from two years ago, nowments to back them up -- now wants to back them up. >> on the eyes of general petraeus and hillary clinton to get in there and arm them. >> to arm them, yeah. and, you know, just recently, few weeks ago, he said there were doctors and pharmacists and farmers, we remember that sound byte from the new york times, he was trying to explain last night that that was the status of that force two years ago, and that's why he said it was a fantasy to believe that you could provide them arms and they would make a difference. now we are going to train them and vet them, if you can.
5:06 am
and in a short amount of time to be the boots on the ground or the forces on the ground. a lot of skepticism that that's going to work. >> also he was tieing himself in a pretzel last night, talking about there are combat troops, and they are troops, and they are in combat, but they're not combat troops, even though they have boots, they're not boots on the ground. >> we talk about that here. >> special operator, and you're standing alongside an iraqi unit and you were calling in air strikes, and you're taking fire, guess what, you're in combat. >> sure. absolutely. it'll be curious to see what happens later today down in oklahoma, in moore, oklahoma, brett because alton nolen who is accused of beheading )>auñ cowo is going to be charged be at least capitol murder. it'll be curious to see whether or not the white house or the administration refers to it as what it appears to be, this guy was obsessed with islamic extremis
5:07 am
extremism, reports he was shouting islamic phrases, once again, it has echoes of ft. hood where they deemed that, the administration did, as workplace violence when in fact it was terrorism. >> yeah, i mean listen, this is a growing issue. and all that we've heard about this, and obviously the case is moving forward, but that tied to some sort of radicalization effort, and perhaps through his mosque, we're just hearing reports on the ground of this guy's background. i mean, it matches some of the reports when you look at the murder of brendan tevlin. you look at fort hood as you mentioned, there are broader issues here across america that could be home grown. >> yeah, linked -- i'm sorry, linked to the web who is somebody else who has a habit of radicalizing the congregation. >> yeah, and that's happening.
5:08 am
inside the country. and we don't hear a lot about it, until something gruesome happens. >> steve, you actually spoke to one of the witnesses of fort hood in 2009 on the shooting there -- >> saved nine people's lives. >> true hero, and he said look, it can be workplace violence, but it can also be terrorism, it can be both, take a listen. >> i think the more and more that you look into the suspect's facebook page and his ideology, i think you can really find the underpinning of why this happened. you know, an angry coworkers doesn't just, people typically run into that situation, you'll see a shooting or something like that, but you won't necessarily see someone get their head severed from their body. >> yeah. well put. you know, so we'll hold our breath to see if the administration refers to it as terrorism which it appears to be. brett, the hero down there is the guy who was the president of
5:09 am
this company because he was actually, he had a pistol on him, he's a reserved deputy for the sheriff down there, and he's the guy who incapacitated mr. nolen before he could chop somebody else's head off. >> yeah, it's a big deal. and the way that story unfolded, and you hear the 911 call, i mean, it's pretty gripping. go ahead. >> why the hesitation, brett, in your estimation and called it spay to spay, we've been hearing about the warnings, why not call it what it is? based on all the evidence that's there? >> yeah, it's a good question. this administration, this president has been red sent to do just that from the beginning. and i think there is this, this fear of launching into something that stirs up hatred of islam, and you hear it in almost every speech that he gives on the topic. >> brett, you have to run, you're going to be be starring as special report tonight as
5:10 am
yourself. >> andly watch it -- and i will watch it. well, stay away. >> google myself for my tosses. >> wait until you see what i added to your wikipedia. >> have a good one, thanks. ainsly is in withlines. >> thank you so much, filling in for health they are morning. she was feeling a little sick last night. terrifying video capturing the moment a monster truck rally turns deadly. [ engine revving ] [ screaming ] you don't think that's going happen when you take your child to see something like that. you can hear the spectator screaming as the truck plows right through that crowd. it happened in the netherlands, three people, including a child, are dead. 20 others injured. the truck driver is now being questioned. investigators think either the
5:11 am
gas pedal got stuck or the brake failed. new details in the case of a real estate agent who vanished in arkansas. late last night, police issued an arrest warrant for aaron lewis. the 33-year-old suspect that you see there, suspected of kidnapping beverly carter. lewis has an extensive criminal record in arkansas, missouri, and utah. and is on supervised patrol until 2017. beverly's son joined us earlier on the show with an emotional message. >> you're my rock. you were my very first friend, and i love you so, so, so. . and i need you. our family needs you. and i want you to be strong, we will find you. >> anyone with any information, please call that number that you see there, it's the sheriff's department, 501-340-6600 or 911 of course. an outbreak of a respiratory
5:12 am
virus hospitalizing hundreds of children across the country taking a frightening turn. at least nine young victims in colorado are now paralyzed. >> they can't move or have even potentially paralysis of some of their limbs. it's too soon to tell how these are going to evolve or if they're going to get better or if this is something that's potentially more permanent. >> the nine children had a fever for about two weeks before developing varying degrees of limb weakness. right now doctors don't think it's polio, the cdc is now investigating. brand new video this morning showing newlyweds george clooney and amal. now legally married and leaving their civil wedding ceremony in ónice. today's ceremony wraps up their weekend, their wedding weekend. the clooney's more private ceremony was held on saturday and attended by a list stars like matt damon, cindy crawford, and bill murray, and those are your headlines. >> that is one good looking
5:13 am
wedding album. you see the snap shots. >> i really knew murray. what movie have they been in? >> they're movie stars. >> come on, hollywood, baby. >> i didn't know. >> all right, thank you. >> was clooney in stripes? >> i don't think so. >>ville to look more closely. coming up, could it be eric holder's last stand, a law to reform police surveillance banning controversial targets like mosques. what does that mean for our national security? former homeland security advisor michael balbony here next. and does this sound annoy you? [ clicking ] >> it could be coming to a store near you. goodness, that gum chewing. ♪ ññ
5:14 am
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5:17 am
today the oklahoma man, that man right there, who converted to islam before behead lg one of his coworkers will appear in court on murder charges. this as the fbi investigates his potential ties to terror. like the facebook post that says, quote, shari'ahlaw is coming. in the meantime, attorney general eric holder is pushing one last agenda item before he leaves office. a new policy that bans religious
5:18 am
profiling and understood cover surveillance at mosques by police officers. among other places. but what kind of an impact is that going to have on national security. are we tieing the hands of the fbi? well joining us is former homeland security advisor for new york state, michael balboni. good morning. >> good morning. >> what they're doing, there has been an exemption for national security investigations where if it's a national security thing, there can be surveillance at mosques and places like that. they're saying, no more of that. >> couple things strike you as really bizarre about this whole move. the first is the timing, why would you push for this exception now to be taken out? when we're probably in one of the worst threatened environments we've had since 9/11. second is that why are we demonstrating why that security exception was bad? we have not had any type of information out there, hearings that says that that specific security exception was in fact resulting in civil rights
5:19 am
violations? >> sure. in the past, there have been police departments who have sent members of their team into mosques, into different situations to monitor. going forward, they won't be able to do that anymore, legally? >> really becomes a question of how do you monitor this, in other words, you have an investigation, there are lots of different exceptions in terms of something that is done when you have an emergency and you can follow somebody, but now, how do you come inó4÷ and practice thi and why would you want to micromanage an investigation? particularly related to national security? >> right. >> where they go is where they should go. the evidence takes you where it should take you, i really am concerned that this is an overreach at a time when we need to open up the borders of information, not just close it down. >> well, you know, if you look at wait they operate right now, you know, they've been able to surveil things, they've been able to listen to your phone calls and your data and look at your e-mail and stuff like that. they're taking one of the tools
5:20 am
away, then it leaves your phone that they can tap into. >> yeah, the investigative tools are, they shouldn't be limited in this space. especially when it's a national security exception. that's what we're talking about here. and many times, you'll get a warrant, subpoena, they can work through that, but again with this change, why now? >> why do you think? >> i think it is eric holder's last, as you characterized it before, i think it's one of his legacy issues. he wants to say i'myuy'u going make sure that we take away every type of profiling we can and i think he's overreaching. >> let's hope it doesn't put us in more danger. thank you very much. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. al qaeda not on the run. the terrorists have a brand new warning for america. and have you ever googled yourself? how about your kid? you might find something you don't like, like it to disappear, chris the cyber guy shows us how to erase the moments that you don't want the world to see, like that one, get
5:21 am
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professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. hi, quick international headlines now. new threat from al qaeda, the leader of the al qaeda-syria affiliate vowing revenge and vowing to use all possible means to fight back. this as the u.s. led coalition hitting more targets in northern syria overnight. and police firing tear gas as thousands protest in front of government headquarters in hong kong. trying to keep democracy alive. chanting we want democracy as they call for free elections in
5:25 am
2017. and tooxic gas and ash still spewing from a massive volcano in japan. rescue crews forced to suspend all efforts to recover victim's bodies. as many as 36 people died on the mountain. i think i said that very wrong. >> sounded okay to me, brian. do you ever google yourself? brian does. and you can actually google your kids, you might find a link or picture that you thought was private there. they say the internet is forever, but there might be a way to remove those posts and protect your online reputation. and that of your kids for good. here to tellñus, kurt the cyber guy joins us with exactly the right step, hey, find out what's online and what to do if you find out a photo or post is there that you didn't authorize. >> there's a lot more power that you think you have in this arena. not complete control, but there's a lot you can do to get rid of something you don't like, you're looking at, it could be image of yourself or someone in your family. >> what do you do? >> first of all, go to the
5:26 am
source and find out where is this photo posted and you can request that it be taken down. also check the privacy settings of the photo site you're looking at. many times there's a little way to flag the photo and simply say hey, this is inappropriate. why, it's of my family and it could cause us harm. and that brings us back to really, it's about how you communicate back with a photo site or especially on google images where we see a lot of these things showing up. >> let's talk about that specifically, you find a photo, opportunity down, what things should you say to google so they have to take it down? >> bingo. it's about following the rules. the rules are very specific and they'll talk about why and how and what type of removals thatú google will do is strictly adhered to this policy. many of the policies are kind of common sense things, and they are also extraordinary rules that graphic, vulgar, pornographic content, they'll
5:27 am
automatically bring that down. they're not necessarily going to take down anything if you don't like the way you look that day. national id numbers, passport, driver's license, anything that could identify you, license plate, they'll pull it down for that, obviously if it's going to interrupt your financial world, bank account numbers, they'll take that down. images that has your signature on it that someone could copy. so the goal here really is to, you see a photo, and we saw the one with steve where he has the clown face on and everything. with that, you're going to have to find one of the silos to sort of complain about and push and push and push, and chances are, even though it doesn't fall in that criteria, they'll remove it if you're just determined enough, but the bigger thing is to find out where is that photo posted? and when you find that out, nine out of ten times, if you go to the source and say hey, look,
5:28 am
that's me, and it's hurtful to my family -- >> like another website or app that you have that has your photos. because one of the things that we forget, and we just updated our phones, many of us, right? and in doing so, sometimes privacy settings that we thought were ironclad -- >> they've reset. >> they get reset. so also, when your friend share photos with you or take pictures and post them at shutter fly, the gamut where the photos fit. each and every one of those sites has tholicies. many times you simply go to that site and say look, this photo is causing me harm in one way or another, would you please remove it. if squeaky wheel gets the oil in the case. >> if it's important enough, you'll take the steps to keep your photos your own. >> flag those inappropriate photos. and our web, we'll show you thousand go through the google removal tools, just go to
5:29 am we'll show you how to support it for the image remoll tool. >> bringing people comfort, thank you. coming up, does this sound annoy you? [ clicking sound ] well, it could be coming to a store near you. not too long. and is this the happiest looking mug shot ever? he knows he's in a police station, right? maybe not. what can your fidelity greenline do for you? just take a closer look. it works how you want to work. with a fidelity investment professional... or managing your investments on your own. helping you find new ways to plan for retirement. and save on taxes where you can. so you can invest in the life that you want today.
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5:32 am
having a flash back, it's your shot of the morning, real central perk, from the sitcom
5:33 am
friend is outside on our plaza right now. shaking her head on this national coffee day. >> that's right, good morning, steve, elisabeth, and brian, it's national coffee day, and lisa harrison, a barista joins us on the plaza with the central perk, popup coffee cart. tell me about this. we've all seen that where they gather in that coffee shop, and knew there's a pop up one in new york city? >> yeah, 8:00 coffee partnered with a warner brothers to create a replica. it's downtown in soho, and it's going to be open until october 18th. >> sounds good, awe now they can get -- and now they can get free coffee not just today, but for several weeks. >> since september 17th, it'll be open new mexico october 18th. today if you gho down, you'll get prizes and giveaways and more fun stuff. >> and people can get free coffee at mcdonald's, crispy cream, and pete's coffee as
5:34 am
well. we have the coffee ready, so let's go ahead and start giving out free coffee, steve, elisabeth, and brian, as i toss it back inside, some of the stats are incredible. 54% of americans drink 18, no, over 18 drink coffee daily. americans over 18 years old drink coffee daily. 80% drink coffee up from 78% back in 2012. so a the love people drinking coffee, i am one of them. i have my cup right here. >> us too. >> toss backç >> all right. thank you very much. >> makes you want to clap five times. >> there's an item in the washington post this morning about starbucks number one, is it the cia? you know when you order they'll write your name on the side. they won't write people's names on the side because they don't want to the die vul j their identity -- divulge their identity. >> it could be the busiest in the world. is it the cias? >> how is that?
5:35 am
you go through so many barricades just to get through, i guess you're hostage. >> you can't take your smart phone with if you are a barista at the cia into the cia. >> not a smart phone, but a smart anchor. >> let's do it. >> people drinking more coffee because they're watching "fox and friends" first at 5:00 a.m. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate all of you at home for doing that. thank you. here's what's happening in the headlines this morning, travel nightmare to kick off the week as the faa scrambles to restore the flight control center in chicago. thousands of flights have been canceled since an employee sabotaged the facility with a fire on friday morning. the faa is bringing in extra technicians to replace the network. they expect it to return to full service in two weeks. 36-year-old contract worker brian howard now charged with a starleting that fire, but -- starting that fire but is currently in the hospital. sparking were flying at iowa senate debate. republican senator and
5:36 am
democratic congressman started knocking each other for their political associations, including the coke brothers and tom styre. >> i'm not sure that's what the senator told the coke brothers when she went to their secret meetings, she said that she was philosophically opposed to the renewable fuel standard and perfect world, it wouldn't exist. i stood up to big oil at every opportunity because their interests are not iowa-backed. >> you're not running against these other people, you're running against me. i am a mother, i am a soldier, and i am an independent leader. you are being funded by tom steyer, who is a california billionaire extreme environmentalist, so remember, please, that you are running against me. >> i realize that, and senator, president obama's name is not on the ballot, and i'm not going to owe president obama anything on election day, you're going owe the coke brothers everything. >> i will stand up and do what's
5:37 am
right for iowans, not for california extreme environmentalists, not for senator harry reid, not for president obama. >> the latest des moines register poll shows her ahead 314-38 over braley. it's hard to ignore, one 7-11 taking steps to keep panhandlers away. installing those speakers that emit a high frequency tone to keep beggars out of their parking lots. employees say it's working, but it's also causing some problems. some patrons say the loud noise is more irritating than the panhandlers. fallen navy seal immortalized in maryland, petty officer first class patrick feaks died in afghanistan, and now there's a bridge that was dedicated in his honor. family and friend gathering at a ceremony for the unveiling of the signs which will be placed on that bridge, there it is.
5:38 am
his father saying the bridge will serve as a good reminder. >> he can't be replaced by the bridge, but, if this will serve as a memorial. people remember that when the country goes to war, that they're sacrificing. >> we will remember. than dedication ceremony attended by military officials. meanwhile, monday morning means one thing, nfl highlights. let me tell you what's going on if you went to bed early last night. tony romo and the cowboys beat the saints. romo, three scores, running back murray added two on the ground, cowboys, the shocker so far this year, winners 38-17. and the bucs with the steelers at the last second. hitting lewis murphy for a huge 41 yard gain. vincent jackson and pulling in a five yard catch. there it is, tampa wins 27-24, tampa gets first win for smith
5:39 am
as he takes over that team. >> fun times on the field. for one team, not the other. >> yeah. >> steelers are stunned. look at this, yeah, coming up now, this is a happiest-looking mug shot ever. he knows he's in a police station, right? and president obama says he's better that he's in office. his administration helped the economy get better? is that true, the governor of one of the biggest job creation states joins us right now, governor rick perry. . .
5:40 am
dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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. .
5:42 am
well police are classifying a brutal beheading of an oklahoma woman and the stabbing of another as quote workplace violent. what about the suspect in this case and his controversial ties to radical islam? should this case be classified as terror or do we have another
5:43 am
fort hood on our hand? we're joined by texas governor rick perry. good morning, sir. >> how are you? >> always great to have you here. >> is this just another workplace violent case? >> yeah, i think americans aren't confused about this what this is. this is a clear case of an individual going in and doing something that doesn't meet their definition of workplace violence, so you know, i think any rational thinking american is going to look at this and go, this is more than just normal workplace violence. >> sure. and you look at this the guy's facebook page, he was clearly obsessed with islamic extremism, and what does he do? he beheads somebody. before the isis videos have come out, when was the last time we heard of anybody beheading anybody? it just seems like, if it's not connected, it's the craziest coincidence ever. >> i made the point that other than the video, everything else here seems to fall into that
5:44 am
type of activity, but again, give the appropriate time to really do the investigation, make sure that that is in case the fact, and that is the point in fact, and but, at some point in time, i think the administration does have to address this as what it appears to many people that it is, and that is an act of violence. that is associated with terrorism. >> i think it's insulting to people's intelligence, we've been through this for 13 years, when you pretend like it's not linked, i think that americans get insulted, but who knows, let's see where this investigation goes. meanwhile the president speaking last night on 60 minutes. i don't know if you watched as you traveled, but he talked about our war against isis and not against islam, listen. >> this is not america against isil, this is america leading the international community to assist a country with whom we have a security partnership
5:45 am
with. i made very clear, we are not at war against islam, islam is a religion that preaches peace and overwhelming majority of muslims are peaceful, but in the muslim world right now, there is a cancer that has grown for too long. that suggests that it is accept to believe kill innocent people who woim a different god -- who worship a different god. >> jv team grew into cancer. >> yeah. a major admission that this administration got it wrong. and it goes back to leaving iraq without an american presence, i think is, this is the result. and it'll bee927 interesting to if the president will ever make that admission, i don't know whether he will or not, but the fact is, we do have a major issue on our hand there. and being able to destroy them,
5:46 am
degrade them as the president said, you're going to have to have major heavy weaponry in the hands of the others, you're going to have continued, heavy assault from using air assets, and you're going to have to have assets on the ground. >> is there a problem with a state like yours or country like ours to admit when you're wrong? is it a problem? >> i get to admit it, i know it's not probably the easiest thing in the world, but, you know, when you made an error, you need to stand up and said we m miscalculated, we made an error here because the american people, in my case, the texas people are not going to trust if you if you stand up and say you know what, i'm 100%, 100% of the time. >> he blames james clapper. >> and george bush. >> you know, the president needs to be looking for a way to address the issue, and the issue is, isis is a legitimate threat, it's not just a legitimate
5:47 am
threat in that region of the world, it's a legitimate threat in the united states. that is one of the reasons that we sent our national guard to the border to send a very clear message that that boarder is going to be secure. and we're going to have not only a law enforcement presence there, we're going have the military in the form of the national guard as a partner in that effort as well. >> great. >> and it is working. i mean we knew that if you put a presence, just like a neighborhood watch, it's just like having a residual force in iraq. >> right the presence makes a difference. >> they're going see that and respond, in the case of the border, individuals who are coming up with the understanding that if you cross the border and you can come into the united states and stay, they now understand that that is not the case. >> uh-huh. >> i want to ask you this, governor, the president also said in that interview that he believed, and i will summerize, that americans are better off
5:48 am
now than 60 years ago. >> if he's talking about economically, then everybody in this country knows, or the vast majority of the people in this country know that's not true. when we think about are we safer, i think most americans would say, you know what, we don't think we're safer, we don't feel safer when i have a border that is insecure, when we have an economy that is still so weak and anemic. i don't see how the president can say that with a straight face, frankly. >> he had 72% approval on his building of terror after the bin laden killed, he lost 40 points. >> we know you're very busy near new york city and why are you going to europe? >> couple of reasons, we were asked to give a major speechl on energy, which we are, and then the foreign minister of poland invited us over as well to talk about liquefied natural gas and coming into the baltic. we'll make a trip into ukraine
5:49 am
as well. it's a very good opportunity for us to go talk about energy security for europew1 using american energy. >> right up your alley. >>st the way to do it. great to see you. >> thank you, governor. >> subway map, elisabeth has one. >> i sure do, governor, pleasure to have you here, always. coming up, he was paralyzed in a terrible accident on the football field, and now he refuses to give up looking for a cure to his injury. >> mark here live with his story, along with the miami project and all advances they're having. but first, let's check in with martha maccallum for the top of the hour. good morning. >> good morning, tough questions for the administration about how al qaeda was able to make such a come back. britt hooum here to discuss. gruesome killing in oklahoma, affect terrorism or another case of workplace violence? we'll talk about that as well. ben carson and hillary and the latest midterm polls, brand new
5:50 am
number when we see you at the top of the hour.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
it's an inspiring annual event attended by athletes, hollywood celebrities, every day great people and philanthropists. all coming together to raise money for a cure for paralysis. the great sport's legends dinner celebrates the 29th year tonight, since 1985, raised more than $100 million for the miami project which is leading the world in spinal cord research. joining me right now is the president of the miami project, and with him is the 2014 u.s. open runner up, progolfer eric kovrpton. recipient of tonight's inspiration award, and mark, great to see you again, you look
5:54 am
fantastic. eric, good to see you again. why dhuz guy get the award tonight? what did he do, mark? >> he's a personal friend, but also a real hero to mine, inspiration for millions. i mean here is a guy, every weekend, battling it out with the world's greatest golfers and surviving his third house transplant. >> at 33, runner up at the u.s. open, eric, how do you do it? >> well, we were hitting balls and you gave me a tip here in the last time. >> you told me never to play golf again. >> yeah, i mean, i've been very, very fortunate, you know, it was nice to share it with friends and family and mark, mark's been a big supporter of mine, and i'm happy to be here with him. share a great year that i had with u.s. open with everybody, and you know, i've been very, very blessed, very lucky to be a recipient of two transplants, and couldn't have done it without the donors that have saved my life. >> what you're doing is not only
5:55 am
to get yourself out of that chair, you're also trying to get everybody else, and you are with you have done things to save people with a lifetime of paralysis. what innovations took place? >> we continue to work with hypothermia which helped kevin get out of his paralysis, out of his wheelchair, he's walking now. and now we're doing cell transplants. we had fda approval to do a cell transplant and new injuries, we've already transplantedm cels into people. we continue to monitor their progress, and we're looking forward to beginning chronic injury, people like myself that have been injured far long period of time to get -- for a long period of time to promote recovery. >> one of the people honoring a bunch of people, hosted by tom brokaugh. you just love this night. >> it charges everyone's quju)qáy pedro martinez, we're getting
5:56 am
ready to build a new $100 million rehab facility for our clinical trials. >> to find out more the miami project and help out any way you can, mark and eric, thanks for coming here tonight, i'll see you tonight. >> thanks brian. >> back in a moment.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
well before we go, here's one for the road, it must be the happiest mug shot ever. man arrested and charged with a robbing a bank in denver giving a toothy grin for the camera. police caught him during his dramatic escape attempt on a train. >> my final thought is this, watch sean hannity, remember they had it out, predicted shah re law in america, he's had legal problems, he's coming back on hannity, watch tonight at 10:00. >> he was just arrested and charged, right? that's going to be fantastic. and fiery as well which is whats after the show, when we're on the internet, it gets weird.
6:00 am
>> yeah. you become outnumbered. it's your own many outnumbered which by the way, you can listen to the radio too. >> thanks for joining us today. see you back here. same time, same couch. >> bye. >> different outfits. bill: thank you, everybody. have breaking news already now from this morning. the u.s. tomorrow will sign an agreement that leaves 10,000 american troops in afghanistan. senior advisor john podesta making that announcement in kaupe buell a moment ago. the same day that afghanistan gets its brand new leader. more details inside of "america's newsroom." first show though blaming intelligence officials for dropping the ball on isis. president obama pointing a finger at a spy chief for underestimating the vicious terror group that sprung up in iraq and more so in syria. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer. welcome


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